Visionary art - Outsider art (art brut) gallery
by Israeli artist Reuven Shezen

Thousand and One Night of Outsider
Despite being a genuine outsider artist, Reuven Shezen gets growing recognition by the Israeli official artistic community and art critics. He was granted 4 times in succession by the prestigious Stipend of America-Israel Cultural Foundation (AICF). His works were recently purchased by the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. His Art and unusual life story were presented in the central Israeli media and on TV. He is a member of Israeli Painters & Sculptors Association (February 2001). Until today, Reuven has held 14 single + 22 group exhibitions
In his Art, Reuven Shezen deals with subjects, events and moods of day-to-day trivia. As Reuven is an unusual observer, free of restrictions and stereotypes of social training and education, these subjects became transformed in the depth of his individuality in charming artistic images possessing impressive color palette, loaded with magic energy. Critics note the feeling of the unusual, and the difference, which irradiates his works.
Suffering from autistic disability, he cannot receive any formal education in Art. His artistic creativity stems from the depths of his soul, as the essential needs to express himself.
Reuven was born in Riga, Latvia in 1970. From 1974, he lives in Israel with his parents. It is quite impossible to say when he began to paint. He painted always... When he learned to walk, he has found that walls of the flat are suitable media for painting. Nobody stopped him, and so it began...
Reuven works at night and has created in the last years more than a thousand pictures, which fill all the space in the house.

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